Canadian Election 2015

I sit and read and watch, the Political leader spar with each other. The biggest problem I see in this election is the lack of a true leader to vote for. I agree with some  of what all the leaders are saying. There is no way I can say I fully support such an such.

My biggest problem with the leadership is, There seems to be very little Canadian pride! What happened to Canada is the best country on the planet attitude? We have leaders that negotiate deals with other countries that don’t believe that Canada is the best to do business with. Instead we have leadership that seems to be so desperate to make a deal they will agree to things that should not be agreed to. We have a weak job market because of this! We cannot allow this to keep happening.

In my opinion, I see our economic issues as a direct cause of these “Free Trade” agreements. If you use common sense, you would see that if you don’t pay people enough money or employ enough people, you will not sell your wares to these people. So we have companies that go through the lay offs in North America to move production over seas. All in an effort to make more money. So in my calculations its simple. You take away the jobs of 5000 people, and move those same jobs to where the production is cheaper, you also have 5000 people that now can no longer afford your products. To me that is bad business or unsustainable business.

We see this happen so many times, the word restructuring is always used. In Canada we all hear this too much. we also hear oh its cheaper to manufacture elsewhere so you better all get into the service industry, Well when your in the service industry you only make enough to maybe pay all the bills in a month, never mind buying anything extra, So the service industry can’t support itself.  Now being a chef for the last 20 years I’ve been told you must make lots of money, well you don’t, The main reason for this is, when you go for breakfast, and I and everyone else was paid what they are worth, your breakfast would now cost, approx  $20-$30. Now do you want to pay this? NO so to keep those $6-$10 breakies all staff is paid as low as they can legally pay. In food, the cost of Food is your major cost, they your utilities. Now most restaurants out there spend most of there money on just the costs. There is actually usually very little left for the owners, many of whom are at the business 7 days a week.  This same thing is happening in Canadian families we all work hard for our money and usually there is not much left over after paying those bills. So the service industry is not a great viable business option when there are only those types of job available.

Anyways to my point, Our leaders need to grow a pair! If you want to do business in Canada it should be on Canada’s terms, We have a large Marketplace! If any company was to make $1 from every Canadian the company would have made an easy $35.16 million. That is  a nice profit for most companies. Now that is based on just $1 as we all know companies make more profit on there goods than a $1. Why do are leaders not have the attitude that its a privilege to do business here! Yes there are bigger markets out there, but Canada’s is not one to scoff at, if it was we would not have Walmart!  Yes I’m using them as they are a great indication of market value. Think about how much that one corporation makes off of us. Do you not think that if that was taken away from them they would feel it! They would and they would suffer for it as well.

WE all need a leader that see’s this! It time to flex some muscle! We have them lets use them. We need negotiators that do not have to opinion that we are in a weak market! That is what the corporations want! That way they get more freedom and allowances in their favour! We need someone that will make the unpopular decision of barring a product if they do not meet or exceed our standards! Yes I know the fickle would hate to not be able to have the “NOW” product. In the long run, you need to look out not just for our own future but our children’s!

Do you really want to live in an “I Canada” that is sponsored by Exxon? I know I don’t! I want to live in the best damn country in the World! (My opinion!!!) I and many others share this idea! Lets make Canada a leader not the follower that its become in the last 20 years and more! We need a Canada that stands up for all its people! Not just the few that benefit from these types of agreements.

Can we have a real Canadian Leader? or are we now lost in the corporate shuffle to never return?

My First Blog

I’ve started this blog as a way to document my thoughts on Social culture Politics, Sports or what ever comes to my mind at the time. I’m in no way a professional writer. Writing was my worst subject in school, and here I am starting a blog.

Anyways, You may agree with me or disagree. You may think I’m a nut. I don’t think so, but that’s my opinion and that is what this is, My opinion. My opinion can change as well, as I’m always trying to find out fact and truths and when you find out more you will change your views depending on the finding.

A little about me first, I’m a black sheep, I’ve always taken the road less traveled and have paid for some of those roads I have taken.  I’m the youngest of 3 children, My parents divorced when I was 3. I grew up more on the poverty side life, as I was raised by my Mother and Grandmother.  My Father immigrated from the UK in the 70’s and my Mothers side of the family where pioneers in North America. I have a Wife and a Son with a daughter on the way. I’ve been a Chef/Cook for just over 20 years and am currently retraining for a new profession. HVAC is what I will be going into.  I’m no Saint by any means, I have made many mistakes and will continue to make more as life goes on. I view mistakes as a learning experience and believe there are no bad mistakes, they only bad ones are the ones you don’t learn from. I’ve been all over the western part of Canada and the east coast is next on my TO DO list.

So now you know me a little bit, please join me on my journey through life. I know there will not be many that read this blog at first but I hope to make people think and talk about real issues. Be it from Parenting, politics, pop culture. I also want to learn from others input. I believe that life is about learning and your never to old to learn something, so lets all join and lets learn! I will try my best to be as factual as I can be, I do research a lot of topics and I use the info reported to talk about. I’m not a professional researcher, scientist, politician. I’m a professional cook, or as my colleagues like to say we are CHEFS!

I look forward to what the future holds whatever that may be!

Steven Serjeant